Fall Foliage Tour Part 1

Today was the big Day! I went in the car with the owners of  The Vermont Apron Company! (they listen to weird music, use a GPS, eat cupcakes and onion rings for lunch and alternatively drink plum juice, diet soda and organic decaf coffee.) ….hmmm…I have nothing but good things to say about them!
I also immediately discovered they were people with tools but no real plan. They had a GPS, a camera, me and a variety of aprons. Other than that, it was music, cupcakes, assorted drinks and a lot of “chillin” as they called it. There was a lot of spontaneous verbal spurts such as ” Hey! That looks good!” .This would be followed by us pulling over and hopping out for pictures.This would also be followed by a change of clothes for me and once I was even left standing naked chest on the side of the road. I met a lot of people, most of them laughing hilariously, I guess Vermonters laugh hilariously a lot. At least that’s what I saw.
Oh, and there was that woman who shreaked when I was pulled feet first out of the back of the car while we were parked next to the lake. No idea what she was thinking.We were busy working and had a great day doing it!
Me showing off the lake.  I smiled really big so everyone would know how much I love lakes!
Notice I am wearing a navy and white outfit to match the colors of the water.
I can’t name the lake. It’s location will be a contest later in the week….SSHHHH…

Here’s a better view and you can just barely see leaves turning in the background.
Look over my shoulders to see them.

They were packing the car and left me standing here.
It’s a funny little building. They thought it was an outhouse.

Maybe it is an outhouse, interesting that it faces the forest.
Next photo group tomorrow!

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