Bib Aprons, a Tradition

I was told recently that the real tradition is the Bib Apron. They had some in the store once in awhile. They sold really well so this year they have a collection. Take a look! I guess because they quilted the top and used differnt prints, it’s a big deal.

Happy Halloween!

No Holiday goes un-celebrated at The Vermont Apron Company. Here’s a few shots of how we are celebrating this year. No idea who this character is… but bringing your things to the counter takes a bit of bravery. There is an apron under her beard. ME!!!I know, I look good! Little Miss Muffet is getting […]

Old Stone Museum,Orleans,Vermont

We had our first professional photoshoot….finally…. took years of planning. We had a great location. I admit the scenery was well chosen. I got to go. I am, after all, pretty important to the company. Me, a photographer and two models worked hard all afternoon. Here’s my shots., they’re the critical ones after all. First […]