Fall Foliage Tour Part 3

 Not only does Vermont have a lot of trees and farms, it has villages. And in the heart of every village, (well not every village, some villages are so small, hardly anyone lives there) So I’ll say in the heart of most villages, they have a general store. General stores are where you go to get […]

Old Stone Museum,Orleans,Vermont

We had our first professional photoshoot….finally…. took years of planning. We had a great location. I admit the scenery was well chosen. I got to go. I am, after all, pretty important to the company. Me, a photographer and two models worked hard all afternoon. Here’s my shots., they’re the critical ones after all. First […]

Today I was Star!

I’M A STAR!!! You know what Guys? Hard work really does pay off. You toil and toil and toil, keep your nose to the grindstone, no partying for this guy, just work, work, work and just when you think the boss doesnt notice a thing. BAM! Reward lands like a rock! That shining moment does […]