Girls in the store…..

Ginger is wearing the new rayon Apron and twirling. It’s what she does and if you’ll notice, even her shadow twirls. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You are looking at the very last wide brim flappy hat. And it has the much loved chicken print on the sash. we no longer sell these hats, we sell headbands. You can […]

Frank in the Window

This is Frank. If you haven’t met him before, he’s special. He has lots of joints and can move more then me. He was flown in from Germany. He’s wearing the new mens Long Host Apron. Frank is in the window. I’m in the Mens Department of the store. We’re practically back to back. We […]

Bibs, Bags and Napkins

Who knew you could be refined with a bib? Some people expect to. There are people out there that use Adult bibs and expect to stay clean….eating in the car, business lunches and who knows what else but for these customers, we went a step further and made napkins and a carry bag for them. […]

Happy Halloween!

No Holiday goes un-celebrated at The Vermont Apron Company. Here’s a few shots of how we are celebrating this year. No idea who this character is… but bringing your things to the counter takes a bit of bravery. There is an apron under her beard. ME!!!I know, I look good! Little Miss Muffet is getting […]