Frank in the Window

This is Frank.
If you haven’t met him before, he’s special.
He has lots of joints and can move more then me.
He was flown in from Germany.
He’s wearing the new mens Long Host Apron.
Frank is in the window. I’m in the Mens Department of the store.
We’re practically back to back.
We can hear each other grumble.

Frank likes to think he’s a photographer.
Oh sure, his arms are jointed, they bend and do all sorts of fancy moves,
but photographers have an eye for it.
Franks still trying to figure out how the tripod works.

Peeking over Frank’s shoulder, I understand what he’s about right now.
I was in the window once,too.
You get to watch the sights and activites of the city.
It’s exciting, new and a bit scary.

In the end, all we mannequins can do is watch
the big city and its city activites from here
in this window.


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