Old Stone Museum,Orleans,Vermont

We had our first professional photoshoot….finally…. took years of planning. We had a great location. I admit the scenery was well chosen. I got to go. I am, after all, pretty important to the company. Me, a photographer and two models worked hard all afternoon. Here’s my shots., they’re the critical ones after all.

First I introduced the place with a great shot of their sign.

The models felt left out

and got themselves into the next shot.

I let ’em.

They wanted to pose close to me.
But truth be told, they’re cuddling up cuz they’re cold.
Notice their long sleeves? Dusk was coming on and they were getting chilly.
I was nothing more than a warm body to stand near.
It was ok, look how happy they are with me.

I had to pose in front of all the signs. I asked the girls how I was doing.
They gave me the thumbs up. I felt good.
I told them they had to step aside and let me work.
This is the important sign with the hours and such.
We don’t want silliness here.
Although I put on my best smile to show people
what a good time I had here.

I thought it would be a good idea to show the address.
So I stood in front of the mailbox.
I would have gotten the mail but my arms dont bend.
The girls said not to worry, they were their to help

It was a good day. I did a great job.
I’ll have more shots to come im my next post.

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