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Here in the Vermont Apron Company Store, we do sell a few items you maybe weren’t aware we had. We have really fun pajama pants in flannel as you can see by these two hanging out in their pajamas all day. They look like they sit around and gab all day don’t they? Really, we do work hard around here. It’s just hard to catch it on film.
We make teacozies and to help you fill it, we have teapots for sale and tea,too! No one wants to be caught with an empty Cozy. Oh,yeah, there’s some apron art on the walls.

Who knew little girls were so excited to cook. They are! We get lots of very short little ladies in here pleading to Mom or Dad to buy them an apron. I say Let them help! Share the housework! Buy them an apron and give the poor kids a chance to shine! No sense keeping all that work for yourself, every kid should have an apron and get a chance to do housework!

Here in the very back place of the store is Carpetbag world. We call it Carpetbag World as its a very different place than the rest of the store; no cottton, no ties, no bright colors.,,,, just heavy chenille, zippers and dark warm looking fabrics. Knitters and women who travel shop here. The drawstring handbags are new. Carpet Bags have their own website…

And we also have Apron Art!

If you like to see Aprons in action, we do have a good selection of Apron prints.

It’s fun to browse the rack. You get to see Aprons in all kinds of settings.
Well, that’s my tour for today, nice to see you and glad you stopped by!

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  1. hmm…. Gee I have never been asked out before. Come to think of it, I have never asked for a night off….hmm… I sense a discussion with the big cheese in charge!

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