Foliage Tour Part 2

Vermont is filled with big trees, fields, fences and lots of leaves. Here I am standing under a tree just being a man…… in my Being a Man Apron. I’m being brave,too. There’s an electric fence right behind me. I could topple right onto it. I don’t even have my leg brace on. But in the face of this danger, I keep on smiling with my arms folded and hope they move me soon. That’s what I do. It’s my job.
We drove onward and the owners suddenly stopped the car, announcing they had found a “canopy of yellow”. All I know is suddenly I’m left standing in traffic. And I’m wondering why they didn’t dress me in the yellow apron to match the “canopy of yellow”. At least we’re in Vermont. Vermont has it’s own category of traffic…….as you can see in the photo.

Here’s a test of my acting skills. I have been stood here in this field with cows not far off. I’m told that the little electric wire hung on posts will hold them off. I’ve become a skeptic. I’m to mention that the hills behind me are covered in color and you can even see an official Vermont Farm in the background! (You have to look close, it’s about a few inches off my right ear and above my shoulder.)

Here’s a wider view. I had hoped this photo would show how close I am to being trampled in a stampede but I guess not. You’ll have to trust me on that one.
~ Wes

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