Ya know, I thought we had plenty of women around here. It’s all women in here except me and Frank. I’m ok with that. But now, the owners show up, clear out one retail window and once its empty, poof! suddenly they are setting up a new woman. I don’t get it. How many women have to be working in here? I mean, it’s a little store, at what point do they realize we’re cramped?

Then, to change things more, they switch me and Frank. Now, He’s in the mens department and I’m window mannequin. This doesn’t happen often because they complain mens sales fall whenever I leave the mens department. Frank doesn’t have the magic charm, I guess. You need to have the Wes grin.

When everyone left the store, I yelled over to the new woman.
“Hey!, what’s your name?”
She was kind of shy but smiled and replied kind of quiet, “Betty”

Somehow I got the impression from the tone of that one word reply that Betty wouldn’t be hanging out drinking with me and Frank. I bet she even goes to bed on time each night.

Here, I snapped you a picture.


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