Fall Foliage Tour 2011

Hey there Folks,
 It’s official! This years Fall Foliage Tour will take place on November 12, 2011.  That might sound a bit late for Foliage and it is. Here in Vermont with our yearly tours we have decided to celebrate all our seasons. You may not realize this but Vermont has way more seasons than other states. We have Apple season, Maple Sugaring season, Mud season and even more. This year, we have decided to celebrate, Almost Winter. Sometimes this is known as Taint, as in, it taint Autumn and it taint Winter. But here at The Vermont Apron Company, we are going with the season’s most popular name, Almost Winter.
  We hope to captive the very essence of Almost Winter. I will again be hosting at critically related places and activites to Almost Winter. We hope if you see us on the road that day, you will give us a wave.

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