Napkins to Bibs….

I was perfectly happy tucking a napkin
under my chin when I ate.
Ok, so it wasnt the best way to stay clean
but then they frown on using a bath towels
draped on your chest while you eat…
at least at the better restaurants.
It wasn’t the usual request,…
we kept it lowkey at first……
but here at the store
we got lots of requests for bibs for adults…..
never loud requests…..
the kind of request
where you walk quietly up to the counter
and sort of whisper it to the sales clerk.
Well, here at The Vermont Apron Company,
they like a challenge. ….


Ta Daaa!!!!

Bibs for Adults!!!

Ginger is Dancing

in our window


wearing her

new Lace Homespun Bib.

Frank is also
in the window.
He is wearing
the Men’s Bib.

In case you don’t notice,
Frank is wearing Eloise’s hair.

Frank’s actually bald.
We don’t know what Frank is up too.

Eloise found
a hat to wear
in the meantime.

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