Sheath Apron

Frank gets to be window mannequin again. They said I was better at greeting people in the store and that Frank’s arms are fragile so he needs to be safe by himself in the window… I admit I’m the friendlier of the two of us. Anyways, he’s showing off the Sheath Work Apron they made. Its double layered with pockets on both side. It’s a long apron that goes past the knee.

It ties in the back.

Here it is on Mary, the studio dress form. Women can wear the Sheath as well as the guys. It’s so plain, anyone can wear it for working.

So that’s Mary, she works in the studio. Everything starts with Mary, then it comes to me, here at the store. She looks good in the Sheath, too.

Here’s me,they’s right, I am friendlier looking.


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