Ruffled Prairie Hats

Alright, it’s been ages since I have been free to report. And quite frankly, this is important so I plan to be more authoritative when it comes to my job here. After all, it is my job to get the news out.

Let’s get to it.We have new hats for the women. (not men.) Why? Men like chef hats…period… we don’t buy anything else… just chef hats. Women have a lot more fashion sense than that. They want head gear to match to their apron. They aren’t happy just matching in color, they want to match in style, too. Bottom line, we have to work harder for them.

So, ok, here’s me working harder,too. In other words, here’s me showing you the new Ruffled Prairie Hat….

 Here’s a shot of one of the girls wearing one. (Frankly, it fits her better.)

And of course, in every situation, there’s always one person who has to be different. Fine….if you want a more Parisian look, you can shape it like this on your head.

But, the hat is meant to be worn like this. 
She looks cute…..I’m not sure about me….
Yeah, you’re right, my head is kind of big to be modeling these. But like any good reporter, I need to jump right into the action. (excuse me for not wearing the matching apron.)


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